About Us

We would deeply like to interest You with the offer of our company. Tran-Wiert Ltd. that specializes in the field of transport and equipment services, which are provided throughout the country.We are the company with the very rich tradition and history, which dates back to the 50s of the last century. Throughout the years it was inseparately tied with the Polish oil industry. Oil and Gas Exploration Company was set up in Jaslo in 1953 and it included transport section, whose task was to provide transportation and technical services for PNiG. On January 2, 2002, after subsequent organizational changes and adequate preparations due to the further restructuring of PNiG, on the basis of transportation department there was created ”Trans-Wiert” Company, and it started its own activity on the market.

Headquarters of Trans-Wiert are localized in Jaslo, 11 Przemyslowa Street, but the company also renders its services via its branch in Wolomin (Warsaw area), 11 Lukasiewicza Street. Currently, Trans-Wiert has about 180 stock and equipment units such as: cars, tractors, trucks with carrying capacity from 2 to 55 tons, bulldozers, excavators, cranes and equipment for road works. The time we have been on the market allowed us to adjust the quality of our services to the highest level and also makes it possible for us to offer those services at highly attractive prices.
We do hope that You will find our offer attractive and worth establishing cooperation with benefit for both parties.

Your interest in our services of and entrusting us the transportation & equipment services for the task performed by your company will be an honour to us.

Our activity is based on the work of the professional personnel of the transportation and constructing equipment.
We can guarantee timely and efficient realisation of your order and full responsibility for delegated tasks.

The credibility and experience of Trans-Wiert is evidenced by the fact that we are on the ”suppliers of goods and contractors for services and construction works for PGNiG S.A. investment and repair purposes” list in Warsaw, in the group ”General construction contractors” and have appropriate references for rendered services.

Company’s offer
Trans-Wiert Ltd. specializes in:
Complex construction of roads and sites with gravel and concrete surface using modern technology
Modernization and reparation of roads and sites
Construction of forest roads
Adaptation of roads for the transportation of oversize loads
Soil compaction, and ground levelling
Construction and repair of culverts and underground installations
Dismantling of the sites and roads made from reinforced concrete slabs
Construction of aggregate pits, cuttings pits and foiled ground pits used with geothermal boreholes
Full range of earth works
Liquidation of cuttings pits
Soil and excavation recultivation, etc.
Cuttings and mud export and import of drinking and technical water
Transport of mass and universal loads
Transport of heavy and oversize loads up to 51 t
Crane services
Bulldozer and excavator services with carrying capacity up to 1,5 m³
Halogen spotlights rental (random arrangement of 1000W lamps)
Well-sites maintenance services (containers’ rental, logistics, personnel including roustabouts, guards, cleaning staff)

Trans-Wiert posesses a full range of stock and construction equipment, including:
Trucks: Ford, Musso, Iveco, Mercedes- with carrying capacity up to 6 t
Trucks: Kamaz,, Steyr, Man, Iveco- with carrying capacity up to 6 -20 t
Trucks: Tatra, Steyr, Mercedes, Benz, Renault- with carrying capacity over 20 t
Trailers from 15 up to 51 t
Dump-trucks up to 29 t
Tanks- up to 20 t
Vacuum-trucks up to 18m3
Cranes with carrying capacity over 12; 16; 18; 25; 35; 40 and 55 t
Bulldozers ( TD-15C)
Excavators with carrying capacity from 0,7 up to 1,5 and over 1,5 m³ („Brawal”)
Other road construction equipment